rebirthing training

We invite you into a journey to learn how to heal yourself and others through the main self-empowerment tool we have: our breath.

In Costa Rica from June 4th till September 4th.

What is it?

It’s a self knowledge technique based in the practice of a conscious,circular,energetic and relax breathing

What for?

To sustain this kind of breathing during a certain period of time (approximately an hour) increases the vital energy flow. This activation of energy decompresses our mental, emotional and physical world.

to whom?


I breath as I live


» Conscious breathing: types and modalities.

» Rebirthing: the respiratory cycle. Frequency depth and rhythm.

» Physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of respiration.

» Expanded states of consciousness.

» Conscious breathing: types and modalities.

» Rebirthing: the respiratory cycle. Frequency depth and rhythm.

» Physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of respiration.

» Expanded states of consciousness.

» System of beliefs. Judgments and their effect on respiration.

» Frozen images and how they are produced.

» Technique of the personal lie questionnaire.

» Breathing as a way to affect the psyche approaching it from the body.

» Emotions and breathing: what produces emotions and how they affect the breath.

» Defense mechanisms: suppression and anesthesia.

  • How they manifest themselves in a Rebirthing session and how to overcome them.


» Integration: the importance of feeling.

  • Breathing: a tool to feel without getting lost in emotion.
  • Recover our stagnated energy.


» Cold water breathing session.

» The rebirther´s role:

  • How to accompany individual sessions.
  • Breathing lecture.
  • The energy curve.

» The rebirther´s role II: the ontological coaching tool applied to the pre and post breathing.

  • The importance of the open question.
  • The generation of contexts.
  • The use of affirmations to accompany the breath.


» El uso de la música en una sesión.

» Perinatal psychology and birth script.


» Types of birth and their manifestation in a Rebirthing session.

» The rebirther´s role III:

  • Cleansing and protection.
  • How to structure a process of sessions.
  • How to accompany group sessions.
  • The use of music during a session.

you receive


Total duration of 3 months approximately (From beginning of June till end of August).




Mario Novaro Huello

Holistic Therapist & Life Coach

After working as a lawyer in the defense of human rights for people deprived of their liberty, I resigned when I realized that very few prisoners were really resocializing themselves. I realized that to improve society the change had to be, mainly, of conscience. I spent the next 2 and a half years living in an eco-village in Brazil whose focus was self-knowledge and human development. There I trained and worked with various techniques of personal exploration such as aura reading, reiki and sound therapy.
Back in Argentina, I trained as a life coach and developed, from the national state and abroad, self knowledge workshops throughout the country. From prisons to private schools.

Finally I was trained in the rebirthing technique at the Conscious Breathe Libera School. Since then I have dedicated myself to expand this tool by individual and group sessions as well as professional trainings.

I continue to train and explore my vocation: to help others to live their purpose.

Sofía Villalonga

Holistic Therapist & Life Coach

I did the Rebirthing Training to complement my coaching and meditation training and I discovered a new, deep and mysterious world that completely captivated me.

Through our breathing we have access to the unconscious and it’s a great opportunity to integrate everything that we could not process at some point in our lives.

The breath brought me togetherness. World’s union, the union of my worlds. Everything began to relate and made a deeper sense: my way of breathing with my way of living, my inhalation with my thirst of a big YES, my exhalation with my attempts at control.

It became a very powerful tool on my path that helped me dive into unexpected spaces, transforming myself into a more loving space.

Breathing has a very deep and compassionate way of healing, because to heal you don’t always need to suffer. Pleasure and laughter also heal.

I’m also trained in Ovarian Breathing, which taught me to embody my cyclicity, and I really enjoy giving this tool that transformed me so much.

Breathing is our right and the most powerful tool for empowerment and I am firmly committed to being a channel for the expansion of this master who teaches me so much every day.


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